Amazing Search for Microsoft SharePoint
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Amazing Search

Amazing Search

Infotext is a new way to search your corporate data. Our search technology works on top of your existing Microsoft® SharePoint® investment and provides your users with a delightful and immersive search experience.

Realtime discovery

Let your users explore your corporate datasets in realtime! Infotext brings a modern search-as-you-type experience to Microsoft ® SharePoint® letting users find what they’re after immediately. Infotext’s unique categorisation layout fits 500-600% more results on screen when compared to out-of-the-box search.

Realtime Discovery
Advanced AI

Advanced AI

Infotext is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms so your SharePoint® farm does all the work instead of your search administrator. Incremental searching, machine-learning categorisation, results scrubbing and a whole range of other techniques work in tandem to give your users exactly the search result they are looking for.

Built for Microsoft SharePoint®

We know exactly what SharePoint® administrators want! Infotext doesn’t need additional services, Java VMs, or anything else – it installs natively in your farm for the lowest possible cost of ownership.

tick Deploys via WSP
tick Central Administration management
tick No Java or other services
tick SharePoint 2010 Fully Supported
tick SharePoint 2013 Fully Supported